Thursday, December 31, 2009


I write this with only minutes left in 2009 and can't help but reflect on the things that have transpired this year and wonder what 2010 holds. This past Christmas, Mom surprised me by expressing interest in a kindle, because font size could be increased. Always an avid reader at 91 she was finding her reading choices limited to large print books. Santa didn't deliver the kindle in time for Christmas, but she got it today in time for a New Year filled with all sorts of new books. If Mom can embrace technology then I know the year ahead is filled with all kinds of possibilities. With this new year comes a new decade and with it an abiding hope that the road won't be too bumpy and that the rough patches will be eased by joyful moments and memories.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I watched this young artist study the torso he was about to sketch. He examined the sculpture piece for a long time without ever drawing a line in his sketchbook. As I watched I thought about my blog and how it is my empty canvas. Over the past nine months I have missed the discipline of blogging. Curiously, I only realized this very recently. It is a place that is all mine and a home for photos that would never see the light of day anywhere else...especially not in a daily newspaper. It makes me a better photographer. So a promise to myself, a New Year's resolution if you will... to begin blogging on a regular basis again in 2010.