Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Mom was born in 1918 during the flu epidemic that killed more people then all who perished in World War One. Needless to say, Mom is a survivor. Tonight we celebrated her 92nd birthday. I decided to omit the nine candle from her cupcake, because Mom is not your average nonagenarian. She expressed no concern about the massive amounts of snow and blizzard like conditions forecast for tomorrow. After all she said, "I got to the hospital to deliver your brother during the blizzard of 1947!" She's remarkable, always has been. Happy Birthday, Mom!


TurtleBarbara said...

That is one terrific lady, Audrey - - may there be many more snowstorms (safe ones, of course) in her life. Wish her our best and thank you for sharing her cup 'o java and the candled sweetness - they told a big story very clearly.
Barb and Pat

Beth said...

She looks MAHVELOUS!!!

Angelika said...

Love the cupcake/candle celebration...cheers to Mom....who's looking wonderful.