Sunday, April 4, 2010


I think I have been suffering lately from the photographer's version of "writers' block". Hence, my absence from blogging. So this post is for my good friend Boca Barb, who quietly sends emails with visual suggestions that help me to "see" again. Thanks, Barb!


TurtleBarbara said...

W O W ! Aren't they "intense" and glorious. Even their own natural bumps and texture is so clear and important. I am so delighted to be honored with this special dedication. Love you Aud, and this makes it a very special glowing Easter for me. Boca Barb, proudly signing off !

Angelika said...

Yeah....where's my eggs. Good job with the eggs Aud...I didn't do any egg coloring...didn't even make any hard boiled eggs. The bunny just skipped right on by this year. Maybe next year we can do some together.