Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I remember it like it was yesterday. Forty three years ago today, my Dad who was a ship's officer died at the age of forty seven in a faraway land. My Mom was left with a mortgage, two kids and the need to find a job in a hurry. By September, Mom was teaching elementary school in the community I grew up in. At night, after correcting papers and making lesson plans I remember her sewing, knitting or needlepointing. Mom is artistic and creative. I like to think I got that gene from her. For years she knitted watch caps and donated them to an organization that distributed them to sailors. Of course she did this to remember my father. I recall the day, some twenty years ago that she decided to participate in a church project--needlepointing kneelers. She wanted to do this in my father's memory and was determined that it depict a ship and the sea. It took her months. Because her breathing is so compromised she hasn't been inside the church in years and for me it has been even longer. Today, I went there to see if her labor of love was still there. It is.


TurtleBarbara said...

Gee, Aud, I remember when the Altar Guild ladies were busy with that project ! It seems even longer than 20 years ago ... and I remember looking at the new kneelers and being very careful to keep feet off and treat them with the respect they deserve. I didn't know your Mom was one of the "artists" - how nice to see that one now. Really good photo - brings me back in time and space ... you too I see. B

Angelika said...

A wonderful touching story and and art work straight from her heart.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful (object, photo, and story)!