Sunday, January 17, 2010


Mom has really gotten the hang of her Christmas Kindle, so much so that she seems to be overcoming her Internet/computer trepidation. Tonight she came over for dinner and a game of Scrabble. True to form, she arrived with her completed New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle. She informed me that before we ate, she wanted to look at a crossword blog that discusses the puzzle's theme and also shows the answers. She wanted to make certain that she had it all done right. I think Mom's Christmas Kindle may have created a monster! She sure is warming up to using a Mac. Oh boy, her birthday is less than a month away.


Angelika said...

Guess we know Mom's next it your never too old to learn something new. You go Mom!

TurtleBarbara said...

Uh Oh ... they take time payments ! Great shot - just love it - a whole story in one click.

beth said...

I love this story, photo and your mom!!!