Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I am still amazed by the large clump of sunflowers growing in my yard thanks to the seeds serendipitously dropped by the birds who frequent my feeders. These unexpected beauties are a real gift since my gardening efforts were quite limited and really short-circuited by my knee problems. I like to think that the birds sent me a get well bouquet! The sunflowers are beginning to open. I love the geometry of their unfolding the green triangular tips of their leaves and the symmetry of their lovely yellow pointed petals. I love the mystery of it all, the way they got here, the way they open and then wondering what their faces will be! This unexpected gift from nature amazes me and I am so grateful. But sometimes I think this wasn't an accident at all.

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Laurel said...

What a great photo. Beautiful, just beautiful. You made me notice this.