Monday, September 29, 2008


It usually isn't too long after I get home from work that I see Pistachio and his "girlfriend" Hazel hanging out on the patio looking for dinner. Pistachio (red collar) is a sweetheart and has welcomed Hazel into his world. Unlike P who is a real mush, Hazel still is scared of people and won't let me touch her. They were both born feral (different mothers, but the same father I think), but I have had them fixed and made sure they have their shots. Every morning they are waiting for me on the patio and in the evening they look for dinner. Food is a small price to pay for the pleasure I get watching them play and cavort in my backyard. And one day I hope I will be able to hold and pet Hazel as I do Pistachio.

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Angelika said...

They are stunning!