Friday, April 18, 2008


Late this afternoon as I surveyed my garden thinking about all the work that had to be done I saw the way the light caught the Hostas shoots poking their heads up through the earth. The strong light and shadow creates a sense of geometry that is enhanced by the veins in the hostas' leaves. As I took these pictures I remembered in the dog days of August last year, my black cat Pistachio loved to sit under the canopy created by this plant to cool off. I used to see him curled up under the leaves and loved how bucolic it all seemed. Tonight as I got ready to post I heard a racket outside the upstairs window and Slugger went flying down the stairs. I went to investigate and saw a raccoon pressing his snout through a softball sized hole he had made in the screen. I slammed the window shut. The raccoon waddled down the roof and back into the yard. I got to thinking that the garden becomes a different place at night. I wonder what other creatures make their home in my yard. The personality of the garden changes with the time of day. Not unlike some people I know.

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