Monday, May 5, 2008


Sometimes in the late afternoon Slugger stares out the back door. Because of the configuration of the porch often all I see is his shadow... the two pointy ears and the curve of his tail. This is just enough information to know what he is doing. He watches the birds at the feeder and the two outside cats Pistachio and Hazel, cavorting in the yard. Funny thing is if I opened the door he wouldn't race outside. He is comfortable in his indoor world. He knows the routine, his needs are met and he is happy. Slugger isn't frustrated by the parameters of his home, nor does he view the outdoors as filled with opportunity. His reticence to go outside makes me think the prospect frightens him. His behavior is like that of many people I know. It reminds me to avoid becoming complacent and to keep my eyes open for opportunities that might be right in front of me.

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Katie said...

Audrey, it's an odd coincidence that my post today is about a painter who puts her shadow in all her art. I wrote it before I saw your own artistic shadow art. She also loves cats. She'd love your photo, I know.