Tuesday, June 3, 2008


When I moved into this house the garden was neglected and very overgrown. I wasn't sure what flowers (if any) to expect. The peonies were a big beautiful surprise. Every year there is lots of anticipation about the peonies. Will they come back again? Did they make it through winter? Then we watch as the buds get bigger, we stake them and wait for the first bloom! Yesterday they started to open and today we had lots of flowers. Heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow, so to savor them a little longer we cut them and made a gorgeous bouquet. The bouquet is a show stopper for everyone except Slugger. As you can see he is not impressed.

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Angelika said...

This my favorite flower other than the Lilac. Had show winning ones in NJ, how I miss them and their wonderful smell. I think Slugger may like the scent.