Monday, July 7, 2008


About seven years ago I was admiring an enormous hydrangea at a friend's home. Several weeks later the friend stopped by and gave me a cutting from her shrub. That little cutting is now a big beautiful plant that brings me joy every year when it blooms. Of course there is great satisfaction in seeing plants you have placed in your garden grow and bloom, but there is something even more special about a cutting from your friend's garden that takes root in your own garden! It's like having a part of them right there in your garden!


Katie said...

I love your garden images. Flowers are incredible. I think you might create a separate gardening blog; it could be primarily photos and could focus on one amazing flower, plant, shrub or tree each entry. I think you'd do it amazingly well. I know you need more things to do (kidding) but it could be satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Is'nt that the truth. It's so nice to admire the beautiful colors of spring and summer after a long winter. Even more special is having the memory of where each wonder of nature was acquired.